Network Forensics

Automate Network Insight For Risk Management

Continuously monitor for advanced threats and policy violations missed by other defenses, then analyze and remediate in record time.

Packetsled Advanced Network Forensics Solution

Packetsled: Advanced Network Forensics

Built by practitioners for practitioners, PacketSled provides automated network insight for risk management.

Pairing the immutable truth of wire data with the domain knowledge of your organization and enrichment from a virtually unlimited number of sources gives your security team the ability to quickly sort the signal from the noise and focus on real security incidents.

PacketSled: 3x Threat Detection In Real Time

Advanced Behavioral Detection

Alert to advanced threats, policy violations and data exfiltration, which typically go undetected by signature-based products.

Real Time IOC Detection

Leverage public and private threat intelligence to identify Indicators of Compromise — internal hosts communicating with malicious domains and IPs — in real-time.

File Extraction & Analysis

Detect malicious files in your network traffic automatically.

Packetsled Threat Detection
Unprecedented Visibility Into Security Events

Network Forensics Visualized With PacketSled


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