Web Session Security

Invisible End-to-End Web Security

Companies are investing billions in protecting their customers and infrastructure. New regulations are being implemented, companies become responsible for their customers and end-users, and while protection behind the Firewall has existed for many years, only few today protects against attacks in the browser. (Man-in-the-Browser/Man-in-the-Middle).

Codesealer Web Session Security Solution

CodeSealer: Invisible End-to-End Web Security

Protection Against Man-in-the-Browser and Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

CodeSealer, provides protection of your customers and end-users, an area that today represents a growing 10% of all Cyber Crime!

Where solutions today require installation at the customers devices, CodeSealer provides a completely INVISIBLE solution, once deployed 100% of your customers and end-users are covered.

Using CodeSealer’s dynamic and obfuscated JavaScript, session keys, encryption, sandboxing and integrity checks, CodeSealer WSF even protects against unknown malware and attacks, something which makes this product unique.

No integration, no installation, just INVISIBLE END-TO-END WEB SECURITY

Invisible End-to-End Web Security

  • A single, invisible, server based product protecting web sessions and data transmissions
  • Even protects against unknown malware and attacks
  • Control, monitors and protects web pages, by monitoring all activity at browser level
  • Protects web traffic by use of additional encryption, dynamic obfuscation and session keys
  • No customer installation required and therefore 100% instant coverage
  • Ability to abort all malicious sessions
    and attacks
  • Provides foresic data and integration to forensic systems
CodeSealer Invisible End-to-End Webb Security Solution

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