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A leader in Information Security Solutions and Services in the MENA region, Spire holds exclusive distribution rights for the world’s best-known security solutions. The preferred security partner for some of the top organisations in the Middle East, Spire is dedicated to helping clients reach their success goals. Spire’s secret of success lies in bringing niche solutions to the market. We also leverage our channel partnerships to help organisations build and maintain secure, compliant and more efficient processes and operations.

We help customers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven networks with strategic alliances with a select range of technology partners.

Why Us?

Spire Solutions enjoys an enviable track record as a reputable provider of Information Security Services. As a pioneer in the security solutions industry, Spire Solutions’ performance reflects a dynamic advance from usual methodologies and practices that was the norm in the industry. Combining our vast knowledge, in-depth understanding and deep insights into our clients’ specific needs, we have been able to set new paradigms in the complex security solutions market by exceeding our client expectations. Spire Solutions utilises its proven competence to offer our clients the best possible solutions, consultation, support and training. Our purpose-built services have been designed to make the daily lives of IT professionals easier.

Strategically located in the United Arab Emirates, we serve a wide range of clients across the entire Middle East region. We are highly esteemed to be the IT Security provider of choice for the entire region. Spire Solutions’ exceptional growth trajectory is directly related to our dedicated team of experts and state of the art customer service. To achieve this critical factor, we offer value-driven tools and services that can efficiently solve a broad range of IT Management challenges. As a well-established Information Security firm, we pride ourselves on our impressive portfolio of loyal clients who depend on us for a safe and secure IT environment. Our valued clients know that they can rely on us to increase their productivity and deliver higher performance faster, more efficiently and at lower costs.

We work closely with each of our clients to ensure the full implementation of their Information Assurance Strategy, thereby ensuring secure operations of their network systems.

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