EclecticIQ Partner Certification

Certification Overview:

The certification is a two-day face-to-face training. The first day is the same for both tracks and will contain topics such as Intelligence & CTI, Value and stakeholders, Customers’ approaches, challenges and maturity, the EclecticIQ Platform, EclecticIQ Fusion Center, Customer use cases, EclecticIQ Solutions, the CTI journey, competitors, sales cycle, sales tools and opportunity qualification.

The second day differs per track. Sellers must apply what they have learned during day one by presentation and role play, based on two concrete sales cycles they have to prepare and will receive direct feedback from the EclecticIQ management. During the second day, technical Sellers will learn about architecture and integrations and how to use the demo environment, as well as, best practices to build and maintain your own demo environments.

How to use the Platform and example use cases. The proof for Technical Sellers is split into two parts: a quiz at the end of day 2 and a (webex) demo they have to perform based on example scenarios within 2 weeks after the face-to-face training. The EclecticIQ MEA team will assess the delivery of the demo and will give feedback. Participants who successfully conduct the program will receive a formal certificate and a joint press release will be issued about the partnership and the certified team.

Why should you participate and what is the ROI you may expect?

  • Recognition and reputation of being a certified EclecticIQ (tech) seller both internal and external;
  • Being able to demonstrate leadership while acting as a trusted advisor to the customer;
  • Being more effective and efficient in sales of EclecticIQ solutions leading to a higher win-rate, faster sales process and with more value;
  • Access to more sales tools and to the annual EclecticIQ Regional Channel Event;
  • Fulfilling the requirement to become a Gold partner with more possibilities and more discounts.