SpyCloud – Protect your employees

Would you like to know the security posture of your domains & email accounts?

In an exclusive partnership with SpyCloud, Spire Solutions aims to alert businesses in the Middle East about their risk of Account Takeover (ATO). We are offering a free-of-charge consultative investigation and report on how vulnerable your domain(s) may be, including particular risks to your C-level executives. Any interesting findings would be communicated directly to you from our partner SpyCloud, the global leader in ATO prevention. Their access to over 100 billion recovered breach assets fuels the comprehensive report you will get through this offer.

SpyCloud - Account Takeover Prevention

Credentials exposed by 3rd party breaches are now routinely used by criminals to perpetrate fraud, steal intellectual property, and create reputational damage for organisations.

This attack lifecycle, which can go on for years costs businesses globally more than $17.2 billion, not to mention the cost to consumers themselves in siphoned-off cash and loyalty points and credit card fraud.


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