Skybox Vulnerability Management Integration

Vulnerability Management Integration

Skybox powers risk-based vulnerability management, pinpointing exposed and exploitable vulnerabilities most likely to be attacked.

Vulnerability management is about more than scan-and-patch. Scanners fall short in their ability to consider existing solutions – and past investments in – security controls, and fail to identify the riskiest vulnerabilities and best actions.


Skybox® Security’s risk–based vulnerability management takes a fundamentally different approach to significantly reduce the risk of attack on your organization. It uses the context of your infrastructure, business and threats to highlight the vulnerable assets most likely to be attacked. This way, you can focus on fixing your biggest risks — exposed and exploitable  vulnerabilities on critical assets.

    • Skybox collects, normalizes and merges results from multiple scanners, and its own scanless assessments for an accurate vulnerability record.
    • Model your entire attack surface — infrastructure, assets and vulnerabilities — to truly understand risk in your unique enterprise.
    • Simulate attacks on the model to learn how network topology and security controls could leave vulnerable assets exposed to threats.
    • Skybox assigns objective risk scores to vulnerabilities, assets and groups based on a variety of factors, including those unique to your business.
    • Know available patches and prioritize them based on risk impact. And, with the help of the model, plan network-based mitigation to control risk.
    • The Skybox Research Lab scours dozens of security data sources every day so you have consolidated, verified intelligence at your fingertips.


Skybox pulls and enhances data from your existing security and operational technology through 140+ integrations. To know more about the integrations with Rapid7, IBM, WhiteHat Security, Tenable, & Qualys, Contact us Today!

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