For the first time in the region Spire Solutions and ThreatGEN™ conduct an exclusive Red Team vs. Blue Team industrial control systems/SCADA/OT cybersecurity training in Dubai.

ThreatGEN™ Red Team/Blue Team Training uses cutting edge computer gaming technology developed by the authors of “Hacking Exposed: Industrial Control Systems”, offering all the best aspects of offensive and defensive training, but in a fraction of the time and without a technical learning curve.  Students of all levels can even play the part of the red team, regardless of experience or skill level.

In the end, students discover that defending their ICS networks and assets is more than simply deploying “best practices” and “layered defense”. Students will learn how to create targeted defensive strategies (despite having limited resources) against a live opponent who is strategizing against them.

Key takeaways:
  • Gain a comprehensive, “big picture” understanding of how all the cybersecurity pieces work together
  • Learn and apply practical industrial cybersecurity concepts in a one-day class
  • Learn vulnerabilities and attack vectors specific to industrial control systems
  • Learn about the methods and strategies hackers use to attack industrial control systems as well as traditional IT systems
  • Learn how to deploy efficient and cost-effective mitigation strategies and security controls
  • Learn how to build a complete ICS cyber security program
  • Apply what you’ve learned against a live adversary using the cutting edge, turn-based computer training simulation/game, ThreatGEN™
  • Learn how to respond to, adapt, and defend against active attacks
  • Participate as the blue team and the red team, regardless of experience or technical skill level
  • Taught by industry-leading, world-class experts with years of real-world experience

Early bird rate: $5000

Valid till June 20th 2019

Normal rate: $5500

Valid between June 20th - 30th 2019

Late registration rate: $6000

Valid between July 1st - 7th 2019