Disruptive distribution is a methodology that forces one to rethink and redefine what it means to be a VAD

Disruptive distribution is a methodology that forces one to rethink and redefine what it means to be a VAD

Fierce. Fearless. Disruptive.

For Avinash Advani, The new CEO of Spire Solutions, Distruption is ductile! To have a vision that is fierce yet calm is pivotal to giving shape to it. In a very ‘edge-of-the-seat’ interview, Avinash speaks about his top priorities as a CEO for the Disruptive VAD, which in his definition is a hungry high-performance machine.

It was a Thursday evening and there was a birthday celebration in progress at the Spire Solutions office. Avinash Advani, with his
vibrant smile (for those who know Avinash, this would resonate) greets my way to his new cabin. It was altogether a festive aura.
(Blame it on that aura, we ended up completely discarding the discussion points that were shared earlier as a part of the norm.)
Having met Avinash several times in his previous organization, this question comes to me naturally. From an outsider to an insider, how has Avinash’s perception of Spire Solution changed or evolved? And thus, begins the conversation.


As an outsider, Avinash admits that in spite of having had various fallacies about the company, he did not fail to notice that Spire always participated at THE critical events in the region and always took the top sponsor spot. This somehow drove home the fact that the company knew what they were doing and were at the top from a marketing standpoint.
“I certainly agree that we are a small company but we are a hungry, high-performance machine. The company is built upon some fundamental business principles and the team that make up this company are some of the best people in the industry who possess impeccable business development and technical expertise. Secondly, the portfolio of the company is the best of breed. Every single product in the portfolio is highly sought after in the market. Other than the people and the products, what truly inspires me is our dedication to customer satisfaction— The core principle upon which the company’s culture is built,” says Avinash. “Agility, Humility, Respect, Integrity, Passion and Technical expertise– all of these filter up and focuses on customer success and this culture runs through the veins of the company. I have personally witnessed that Spire Solutions is a preferred security partner for the resellers and
more than 750 customers, that further validates my statement,” he adds.


Spire Solutions recently revamped its tagline as the ‘Disruptive Distributor’. While many players in the market tend to associate disruption with walking with buzzwords, for Spire Solutions disruption is a methodology. “It is a methodology that forces one
to rethink and redefine what it means to be a VAD. The tagline Disruptive Distribution truly is in sync with our customer and partner engagement model and it is one of the key differentiators that positions us a league apart from the other players. Our services are unique. In 2019, we shall be launching some niche and leading services that currently no distributor has brought to market,” says Avinash.
Launch is scheduled for 2019 so things are still under the wraps and Avinash chooses to keep hush for now and let things take their course.


As a disruptive VAD, Spire Solutions’ key mantra is to align with the vendor by achieving the quickest time to value, maximizing the ROI with the most rapid market penetration. “We ensure that we align with our vendors like an extension of their team. It might sound like
a common phrase – being an extension to the vendor, but the difference is that all of our vendors, irrespective of their local or global presence, are aligned with Spire because of the sales and technical excellence that we bring to the table. We have over 250 named accounts out of the 750+ whom we meet with regularly and address their pain points and challenges. Whether we cover those technologies or not, the relationship we maintain with them is purely consultative. Simultaneously, on the channel side we are aligning with key partners in each country,” he adds. According to Avinash, disruptive distribution is three dimensional— Bridge the gap between what the end users want and what vendors provide and bring that to the resellers to effectively connect the triangle. The next step is building a service portfolio that supports addressing customers’ new requirement.


Being a disruptive distributor, Spire aims to accelerate the customer’s journey to the cloud. “We want the customers to know that there are tools that can provide cloud security avenues that can yield huge benefits. In the IoT space, we recently signed up with Finite State – the IoT security vendor with the largest database in the world for IoT firmware. We are huge in vulnerability and risk management as
well so this partnership is directly aligned with the strategy where we can address any vulnerability in IoT firmware,” says Avinash.
“The term disruptive distribution does not mean going after new things that are not relevant but it is about re-inventing services that are
relevant,” he adds.


People, Product, and Processes— these are the 3 key disciplines that Avinash banks on. “The kind of work I love to do is where I get
to learn every single day. I take all these 3Ps into account for any vital decision that I make. Internally, this would correspond to building a team of superstars and making the portfolio evolve into a market leading and innovative story. Externally, it would be to maximize the revenue and profit for the shareholders. My passion stems from this and as every CEO my vision is to expand our footprint globally and build the most comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio bringing in leading vendors to make us No 1.


Disruption knows not what procrastination is! But it is equally important to give time to your decisions. For Avinash, it is a perfect blend of both the approaches that make you a new age CEO. “I am an ambitious person. So, I want to see Spire Solutions portfolio offering in the No 1 position. But I also need to make sure that we do not rush into any decisions. Achieving growth expectations while maintaining the highest level of profitability is essential to us. You have to make realistic decisions. Hence, the decisions have to be steady and the pace, ferocious.


What is the one message that Avinash has for his regional colleagues?
“Do not remain stagnant! Disrupt.”

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