Endgame Outpaces The Attacker; First To Combine Precise Attack Visualization And Natural Language Guidance To Stop Targeted Attacks In Seconds

Endgame Outpaces The Attacker; First To Combine Precise Attack Visualization And Natural Language Guidance To Stop Targeted Attacks In Seconds

Latest release provides SOC teams with Waze-like experience to stop nation-state level attacks before data theft

Endgame, the leader in endpoint protection against targeted attacks, today announced its newest platform release that includes enhanced attack mapping and automated guidance to empower users of any skill level to stop the most aggressive attacks in seconds. Similar to the Waze navigation app, but for security, Endgame’s platform provides analysts with the simplest visual experience and turn by turn guidance enabling analysts to contain and remediate threats before data theft or disruption. Security teams benefit by experiencing less alert fatigue and the most comprehensive protection against targeted attacks without additional overhead cost.

“As targeted attacks become the norm and the security talent gap continues to widen, it’s critical that security tools allow analysts of any skill level to address complex attacks,” said Dave Shackleford, member of the Board of Directors for SANS Technology Institute. “With this new release, Endgame delivers a greater range of threat visibility and enhanced ease of use. Using automated workflows combined with Endgame’s chatbot Artemis™, analysts have the tools required to respond confidently to attacks faster than ever before.”

Enterprises worldwide face an onslaught of targeted attacks, or attacks that are uniquely designed and executed against a specific enterprise or government entity. After meeting with CISOs around the globe, Endgame found that security technologies fail to protect organizations from targeted attacks for three reasons: they lack sufficient scope of attack coverage, speed to detection, and the required guidance and skills to uncover malicious activity in time to stop it. With this new release, Endgame solves for those challenges by empowering security teams with a more intuitive, seamless experience required to combat today’s attacker techniques and technologies.

Relief From Alert Fatigue
Analysts are inundated with daily alerts from their security tools, yet a majority of those alerts lack sufficient information on threat relevance, severity, context, and guidance, delivered in time to stop an attack.

Endgame’s enhanced attacker visualization, Endgame Resolver™, unveils every action the attacker took to instantly identify the origin and extent of the compromise. Endgame Resolver™ shows every attacker process, event, network connection, DNS request, and every file or registry modification. Visualizations provided with each alert include: token privileges, process memory capture, process strings – all automatically collected to speed any forensic analysis. In addition, Arbiter™, Endgame’s cloud-based attack analysis engine, provides detailed insight into any malicious file to reveal artifacts of never-before-seen attacks.

More Skills For Analysts
Unlike any other solution, Endgame couples attack visualization with contextual guidance in natural language to empower analysts of any skill level to stop the attack in time to prevent damage and loss. Artemis™, Endgame’s AI-powered chatbot, accompanies every alert to guide users on the fastest path to terminate an attack. Artemis can manage analyst workflow across tools in your security stack, providing easy pivots to network tools, SIEM, and third-party analysis tools like VirusTotal.

Most Comprehensive Coverage
Many endpoint technologies focus on malware-based attacks, lacking the comprehensive protection against today’s attacker techniques and technologies. Endgame’s newest release expands protection across the breadth and depth of the MITRE ATT&CK™ Matrix, the most comprehensive framework for adversarial tactics and techniques that enterprises encounter daily. Endgame recently collaborated with MITRE to evaluate its platform against nation-state level attacks, proving that Endgame protections cover the full scope of adversarial techniques and tactics.

“While most security products provide attack visualization, they fail to equip security teams with the context and guidance required to allow users to confidently respond to an attack, said Mike Nichols, Director of Products at Endgame. “This new release empowers analysts of any skill level to defend against targeted attacks in seconds by delivering precise attack mapping and recommended response actions in plain English. Armed with it, our customers spend less time triaging alerts and more time on innovation and growth.”

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About Endgame
Endgame’s converged endpoint security platform is transforming security programs – their people, processes, and technology – with the most powerful endpoint protection and simplest user experience, ensuring analysts of any skill level can stop targeted attacks before information theft. Endgame unifies prevention, detection, and threat hunting to stop known and unknown attacker behaviors at scale with a single agent. For more information, visit www.endgame.com and follow us on Twitter @EndgameInc.