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Credentials exposed in third-party breaches are routinely used by criminals to perpetrate fraud, steal intellectual property, and create reputational damage for organisations. The danger lies in the frequency of password reuse; 59% of people admit to reusing the same password everywhere, which means when that password is exposed in a breach, criminals will use it to break into all manner of personal and corporate accounts.

This is called Account Takeover; a cybercriminal acquires another person’s login credentials, most often by leveraging reused or similar passwords from previously breached sites, to gain access to their accounts. Once inside, they can steal funds, make fraudulent purchases, acquire personally identifiable information (PII), perpetrate business email compromise, and harm the reputation of the individual and/or organisation.

ATO Protection

ATO, as a part of Threat Intelligence is very critical to prevent and to analyse threats and attacks. It is important to ensure that customers have the earliest access and information around ATO. This can only be through a partnership with the right sources that provide the right information and the right actions after that. This should include the right reach to breaches, the suitable timeframe, and the ability to enforce actions based on findings.

Use Cases and Benefits to Our Customers and Partners

Using ATO Protection can extend to several use cases as below:

  1. Customer Domain ATO Protection: To assist customers to discover and mitigate breaches related to their domains and enforcing password change to infected users.
  2. Consumer ATO Protection: Especially in services and financial sectors, protecting consumers and ensuring a consumer breach will not have its effects on the entity’s business.
  3. ATO Investigation Capabilities: This is for law enforcement, regulators and holding companies, who need to dig deeper and investigate fraud and attacks, following trails of assets towards further and more proactive actions.

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