Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis

EclecticIQ Platform

EclecticIQ Platform is the analyst-centric threat intelligence platform based on STIX/TAXII that meets the full spectrum of intelligence needs.

EclecticIQ Platform is a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) that empowers threat analysts to perform faster, better, and deeper investigations while disseminating intelligence at machine-speed. EclecticIQ Platform connects and interprets intelligence data from open sources, commercial suppliers and industry partnerships.


EclecticIQ Platform is uniquely designed to improve an organization’s security posture and the efficiency, the speed, accuracy and capacity of intelligence analysts, allowing organizations to continue operations unimpeded by cyber threats.

Aligns investments in CTI to the reality of cyber threats for the Chief Information Security Officer.

Heads of Cyber Threat Intelligence
Facilitates knowledge sharing and stakeholder reporting on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practices.

Intelligence Analysts
Empowers cyber threat intelligence analysts to optimize their workflow with automation rather than manual data-crunching.

Security Operations Centers
Delivers context and relevance to Security Operations Centers by incorporating real-time, enriched data into SIEM and IPS/IDS systems.

Incident Response Teams
Facilitates and accelerates investigations for Incident Response teams

IT Operations
Inspired by OASIS standards STIX and TAXII, EclecticIQ Platform is a modular, extensible, easy to run software that offers scalability and performance in any infrastructure



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