Modular Cyber Threat Intelligence

Reducing Risk | Accelerating Performance

Your organization holds valuable data – from confidential company credentials to customer PII to industrial IP – so you’re at risk of attack.

But what if you could detect and prevent attacks before they happen using trustworthy, accurate cyberthreat intelligence?

Blueliv scours the open, deep and dark web to deliver fresh, automated and actionable threat intelligence, delivered through a pay-as-you-need, bespoke modular interface.

By looking beyond your perimeter, we help you protect your network from the outside in.


How does it work?

Holistic and adaptive security infrastructure

Blueliv automatically gathers and processes data from millions of sources in the open, deep and dark web, extracting what is relevant to you.

We use unique technologies to deliver the freshest data to our customers, in real-time.

Business Benefits

The broadest protection outside your perimeter

React faster with actionable and relevant business threat intelligence. Blueliv covers a broader range of cyber threats than any other service and enables you to process a higher volume of threat data with its unique capabilities and user-friendly functionality.

The freshest data for dynamic response

Reduce information overload with trustworthy, timely intelligence. Simplify threat data analysis, reduce false positives, and accelerate incident response and remediation.

Proactive, automated detection and monitoring

Threat Compass continuously delivers real-time information about botnets and malware. Maximize limited security team resource and enable smarter orchestration and remediation with ongoing monitoring and analysis.

Easy to deploy, easy to set up, easy to operate

The cloud-based platform provides instant, user-friendly evidence, accessible to all levels of expertise. Setup requires no onsite installation and minimal technical training. You’ll see results instantly. We also provide a ready-to-use API enabling seamless integration with third party systems.

Defend your assets, brand and reputation

Stronger cyber defense protects your balance sheet from financial losses and compliance penalties. Safeguard your corporate assets and reputation by mitigating the potential impact of cybercrime on your organization.

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