Virtual CISO

Financially-motivated and ideologically-driven cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated by the day, operating in virtual environments that are mostly closed to the public, where they communicate with like-minded individuals, build proprietary malware, sell and buy illicit and fraudulent products and services, and exploit the vulnerabilities of various organizations. In these unindexed environments — Deep Web, Dark Web and dump sites — criminals advertise the sale of compromised credentials, personally identifiable information (PII), exploit kits, counterfeit currency, fake documents, and a range of others, which could have a significant impact on public and commercial organizations.

Furthermore, Dark Net intelligence

  • Complements organizations’ existing Threat Intelligence (TI) solutions
  • Integrates with Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) and used to enrich and contextualize observed intelligence.
  • Integrates with Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform
  • Dark Net intelligence is a critical component of threat intelligence and must be viewed as a must-have, integral part of the security landscape.


The raw and contextualized Dark Web intelligence feeds, observed and extracted from these difficult-to-reach and primary-source criminal communities, indexed, and productized by DarkNet Data Providers, are essential for a comprehensive and proactive cyber threat intelligence program. DarkNet intelligence is essential for organizations to:

  • Monitor for breached assets
  • Understand the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors
  • Receive insight on emergent cybercriminal activities
  • Understand the impact on organizations, their employees, or clients.

By monitoring these environments, and extracting and indexing the raw data into a searchable platform, Dark Net intelligence providers offer a big piece of the puzzle, helping organizations in

  • Account Takeover (ATO) prevention
  • Insight into and action against emergent malware and exploit tools, and
  • The ability to curb the spread of PII, including financial information and other important assets.

Insight and Risk Mitigation

Organizations’ ability to gain insight on whether credentials of its employees and clients have been compromised gives them

  • The power to prevent credential stuffing attacks
  • Stop criminals from monetizing important data. Similarly,
  • Gain visibility into financial information exposure and monetization
  • Prevent the loss of millions of dollars in criminal activities.
  • Prevent exploitation of Personally Identifiable Information
  • Ensure regulatory compliance of organizations
  • Prevent potential blackmail and exploitation

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