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Digital Risk Protection is a very important component to entities and companies through their journey for Digital Transformation. DRP is a service that assists customers amid expanding attack surfaces, increased use of Shadow IT, complicated Third-Party Agreements, use of Social Media, exposure to DDW and much more; to be able to identify unwanted exposure, protect against external threats and thereby reduce Digital Risks.

DRP Coverage and Offering

A successful DRP solution should be able to provide the right mixture between gathering both Automated Collection and Analysis from OSINT and DDW, along with HUMINT for deeper collection and detailed investigation and correlation. The aim is to provide comprehensive coverage, while also filtering and enriching information about important relevant incidents, which is why the human factor is extremely important. No one wants the problem of “too much information”.

The main goal of a decent DRP is to provide entities with an external eye towards their external risks, without overloading the team but by acting as an extension to that team.

Components That Should Be Covered by a DRP

Data Loss Detection

  • Exposed Credentials or ATO
  • Marked or Sensitive documents
  • Intellectual Property
  • Third-Party Exposure and Risk

Online Brand Security

  • Online Brand Monitoring
  • Website Infringement
  • Spoof Social Media Profiles
  • VIP Exposure

Attack Surface Reduction

  • Exposed Vulnerabilities
  • Certificate Issues
  • Open Ports
  • Misconfigured Devices

OSINT Threat Intelligence

  • CTI Information
  • CTI Analysis based on TTP, coverage and more
  • Searchability and reports
Use Cases and Benefits to Our Customers and Partners

With the increased need for Threat Intelligence (TI), entities need to ensure the coverage of all relevant sources towards identifying and tracking an attack. Starting from CVEs and TTPs in the wild, to mapping these processes towards their network and data.

DRP solutions should provide customers with notifications and actionable intelligence on the below and much more:

  • Any of the customer’s data leaks online
  • Customer brand is being misrepresented online, putting customers at risk
  • Third-party partners are placing the customer’s data, infrastructure or reputation at risk
  • Hacktivists or cybercriminals plan to target the customer or relevant peers
  • Employees or suppliers put the customer’s information or reputation at risk
  • Key members of staff are imitated or threatened online, including social media and DDW
  • Criminals are selling sensitive customer data on the dark web
  • The customer’s infrastructure changes, putting them at risk
  • Any relevant TI information that maps the customer’s infrastructure, etc.

Forrester Evaluation of Digital Risk Protection

The Forrester New Wave™: Digital Risk Protection, Q3 2018 evaluates 14 players in this area based on 10 different factors and basing it on the importance of Risk Analysis and Automated Remediation capabilities.

Providing the access to the actionable intelligence through the DRP portal, or providing it through direct integration and ingestion by the customer’s Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), Security Operations, Automation and Response (SOAR), Security Event and Incident Management (SIEM) and much more are very important points to consider.
Other main factors are the keywords limit and user licensing.

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