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Enterprise Search in dubai

It is the practice of identifying and enabling specific content across the enterprise to be indexed, searched, and displayed to authorised users

Enterprise Search is how an enterprise helps people seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere inside their company – in databases, document management systems, on paper, wherever. Getting the right information at the right time.

Enterprise Search — How It Works?

  1. Find: I know there is a document, record or fact out there, and I need to find it.
    • Get the latest version of my company’s travel policy documents.
    • Show me the minutes from that staff meeting where we discussed enterprise search.
    • Show me John Smith’s address and phone number.
    • And, a more advanced use case: Show me the name and phone number of all customers in my area affected by the recall of a defective machine part. And, include all customers that bought any product that includes that part after the date the defect started. Also, order the results by year-to-date total order value for the customer so I can see the most valuable customers first.
  2. Discover: I’m researching a specific topic. Help me navigate the information space.
    • What are we doing with “machine learning”? I need to prepare for a product meeting this afternoon.
    • Which compliance rules apply to the project I’m about to start?
    • Which of my company’s manufacturing techniques could be improved?
  3. Monitor: Watch a topic and keep me informed as things change (don’t make me keep doing the same search).
    • When I login in the morning, show me news articles and company memos that are pertinent to my project.
    • When there’s a new crime report about burglaries in my precinct, email it to me.
    • When a researcher publishes new findings of the aerodynamics of the wing on the aeroplane I am working on, send me a notification.
  4. Analytics: I need to obtain a slice of relevant data (based on some set of criteria) to feed into analytics pipelines, including machine learning algorithms and BI tools.
    • I want to apply my machine learning model to master some customers but constrain the application to just a plausible set of candidates.
    • I need to pull a random sample of financial trades meeting some criteria to test my machine learning model.
    • I want to analyse (min/max/median) sales and maintenance renewal figures for all sales in my region by offering type, and show the results in a grouped vertical bar chart.

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