Enterprise SOAR Platform

Automate & Orchestrate Your Security

CyberSponse enables companies to defend and counter attackers through a unique, patented, collaborative security operations platform that facilitates comprehensive incident response lifecycle management.

• Eliminate Repetitive Tasks
• Increase Team’s Focus
• Decrease Discovery Time
• Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness
• Minimize Human Error
• Fuse Incidents, Threat Intel & Vulnerability Data

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A Toolbox — With All The Capabilities Your Team Needs

Enterprise Case Management
CyberSponse centralizes case management in one place including end-to-end tasks and procedural playbooks.

Playbook & Point Solution Orchestration
Through a well-developed process CyberSponse manages seamless playbooks. It makes security alerts actionable,
gather valuable intelligence and provide full context for incident context, and enables adaptive response to complex
cyber threats.

Automated Data Enrichment & Manual Tasks
Automation enables your tools and machines execute repeatable actions without human intervention

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