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Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

It is important to have a robust cybersecurity posture to save your organization from the menace of cyber-attacks and give your top management a piece of mind. SIEM & SOAR play a crucial role in a company’s multi-layer cybersecurity infrastructure that is usually supported by various information security tools and techniques such as IPS, IDS, cryptography, firewalls, authentication systems etc. SOAR has a crucial role in achieving the overall security endeavors of any organization.

Evolving cybercriminals and severity of cyber threats is supported by a worse enemy that is the shortage of IT security personnel in the market. But SOAR could be key to helping companies of all sizes by improving their ability to automatically detect and respond to cybersecurity threats by minimizing the role of humans

In addition, SOAR also responds automatically to thousands of alerts and perform both reactive and proactive approaches to pursue cyber threats effectively.

Use the SOAR model to:

  • To explore new initiatives
  • To develop a strategic plan and during annual strategy reviews
  • To focus and redirect efforts and resources
  • As part of a leadership development program
  • To plan an individual’s career or develop their performance plan
How SOAR improves the overall functionality of SOC teams

SOAR’s powerful customization and integration, with every cyber security tools, capabilities greatly enhances SOC operations:

  • Improved response to cyberattacks: SOAR greatly reduces response times to cyberattacks by utilizing its machine learning engine and automation capabilities. SOAR administrators can automate responses based on ingested alerts and detected threats in real time.
  • Minimized Damage:SOAR is capable of addressing security risk alerts in fully automated mode or semi-automated mode, which allows human intervention in complex or sensitive cases.
  • Detection of false positives:SOAR can Orchestrate and Automate investigations to immediately validate detected alerts providing information to analysts for quick decision making or automatically close obvious false positives.
  • Significant time saving due to automation: SOAR provides analysts the capabilities to granularly automate actions that would otherwise consume a big chunk of your analysts’ time.
  • Swift integration with third-party tools: SOAR typically offers a wide range of integrations with popular cyber security tools that often number in the hundreds. Additionally, SOAR vendors would provide various ways to allow custom integrations without the need with extensive coding experience.

How SOAR and SIEM work together:

SIEM is very good at collecting and corelating a massive amount of data as it arrives in real-time. However, without extensive configuration and constant fine-tuning, SIEM is prone to registering a high level of false positives. SOAR fills in the blanks that other cyber security tools cannot address. By integrating with said tools, SOAR provides analysts with the capabilities to automatically enrich alert information and perform cursory investigation steps to help validate alerts.

  • SIEM: SIEM is a highly efficient data collecting tool that provides to ability to corelate data by normalizing data collected from various sources, aggregating, identifying and categorizing the information into cyber security alerts and incidents. However, in order to achieve high fidelity results, extensive configuration and constant fine-tuning is required which can prove to be a large burden on the SOC team’s engineers and analysts.
  • SOAR: SOAR and SIEM are 2 critical components to a SOC team that allow the processing of large amounts of security related information. SOAR compliments the SIEM by taking the collected and corelated security information, the events and alerts, generated by SIEM and building upon that to enrich information, help validate and link events, as well as, standardize investigations and response while automating repetitive actions saving Soc team members’ time and effort.

SOAR to optimize SOC operations

SOAR cannot work without utilizing other technologies. SIEM solution is one of the key technologies required to feed information into the SOAR while the SOAR can optimize the SOC Team’s investigations and response while feeding back into the SIEM useful information.

  • Improved employee retention: SOAR provides analysts the ability to automate low-level, repetitive tasks reducing time spent on morale reducing activities and providing analysts time to focus on challenging, out of the box thinking activities that keep analysts motivated.
  • Improved threat hunting intelligence: SOAR provides added value to existing cyber security tools starting with SIEMs by enriching information from other tools, making connections and feeding back the information to cyber security tools making activities such as Threat Hunting much smoother.
  • Improved SOC efficiency: A common capability that SOAR offers is a platform that can provide central location for team members to collaborate, establish links between incidents, vulnerability information and indicators of compromise (IOC) that might not be otherwise be overlooked. These functions, in conjunction with automation and orchestration capabilities, greatly increase the SOC team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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