Enterprise SOAR Platform


The complete security operations platform—helps some of the world’s most sophisticated organizations to standardize, automate, and speed incident response across their people, processes, and technology. D3’s embedded MITRE ATT&CK Matrix gives analysts the context they need to address advanced threats, while its codeless playbooks enable easily adaptable workflows and integrations with minimal maintenance.


Intent-Based SOAR Powered by MITRE ATT&CK

D3 has built the entire MITRE ATT&CK matrix into its SOAR platform to create ATTACKBOT, which enables proactive analysis, response, and reporting on threats from across your security infrastructure. ATTACKBOT is the first solution to enable intent-based SOAR—as opposed to conventional event-based SOAR—by using MITRE’s database of thousands of real-world cyberattacks to analyze adversary behavior and predict their next steps. We call it SOAR 2.0.ble actions without human intervention

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