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Since human errors and mistakes are often to blame for many breaches, improving employee cybersecurity awareness should be at the forefront of all companies’ security training.

It is very difficult to keep the attention of employees focused on the importance of cybersecurity especially if they are non-technical. Lectures and PowerPoint presentations won’t be enough. The key is not to demonstrate examples of phishing attacks or types of malware, but to have your attention while making the whole exercise creative — that’s where gamification comes in.

It is proven that integrating game mechanics into the process of learning reap greater results, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. The game mechanics of (high) scores, levels, achievements, immediate feedback loops and time pressure act as memory retainers and fun way to implant cybersecurity thought process.

Gamification of Bug Hunting

  • Focus on important assets and create a treasure map
  • Let the community ethical hackers use the map to hunt the bounty

Gamification of Cybersecurity Recruiting

  • Utilise the gaming environment called CySphinx to organise simulated cyber threat games in which anyone can participate
  • Online qualification rounds, in-person finals
  • The winner gets an attractive job offer
Gamification of Cybersecurity Compliance

  • Gamification to motivate employees to follow security procedures
  • Reward (gift cards, etc.) employees for conforming to proper security procedures
Gamification of Cybersecurity Training

  • Educate your weakest link by immersing them in real-world cybersecurity threat situations
  • The game helps to increase players’ knowledge of security breaches by showing them an attacker’s approach
  • Employees play as an attacker as well as a defender

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