Finite State


The Finite State Platform is the most comprehensive network defense against IoT vulnerabilities. Finite State gives unparalleled visibility into IoT devices and delivers a proactive solution that detects and assesses risk, isolates attacks, alerts your team, and defends the network.

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The Finite State Advantages

  • Proactive: Continuously monitor and assess your risk, so your team focuses in the right areas.
  • Comprehensive: Leverage a security stack built from the ground up to support IoT.
  • Intelligence-driven: Built on 10+ years’ experience countering advanced national security threats.

The Finite State Platform

Finite State’s cyber security platform leverages its unique IoT device and firmware risk database to give unparalleled visibility into the exponentially growing number of IoT devices that now make up as much as a third of the nodes on an enterprise network.

Just as important, Finite State delivers a proactive solution that leverages both defensive and responsive capabilities to defend the network, by detecting threats and employing decoys, “honey pots,” and other techniques to assess the risk, isolate the attack, and defend the enterprise network.


Asset Discovery and Visibility

  • Detect and identify 100% of the devices on your network – across all of your segments
  • Gain visibility down to the firmware level for unmanaged devices
  • Explore tailored intelligence about the devices on your network
  • Generate risk reports and monitor alerts to support continuous risk management

Device Risk Analytics

  • Leverage the world’s largest risk database for IoT devices to stay ahead of attackers
  • Generate reports that you can share with your vendors
  • Uncover and monitor your network for vulnerability classes including: software vulnerabilities, configuration vulnerabilities, library vulnerabilities, cryptographic vulnerabilities, default credentials, and device back doors

Threat Detection & Response

  • Use the Finite State Machine to enable robust analysis of network traffic
  • Identify attacks that are targeting or pivoting through your IoT network segments
  • Respond to incidents through a specialized Incident Response playbook and tools that enable robust intelligence collection to help understand the extent of the breach and the actors behind it
  • Deploy additional sensors and decoys to thwart attackers’ efforts to conduct additional attacks

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