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It’s About Applications

As the landscape of IT applications and infrastructure swiftly changes to meet the evolving needs of industries, IT performance and availability have become critical to business strategy. Companies are increasingly deploying and relying on a mix of on-premises, public and private cloud, SaaS-delivered applications, hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments, demanding monitoring solutions that work across increasingly multifaceted environments, and provide full visibility into the health, performance, and security. Moreover, IT operations software must keep step as technology innovation and the deployment pace of new applications and software accelerate.

IT professionals like you centrally monitor, manage, analyse the root causes, and secure your applications and infrastructure across your up-to-the-minute, multi-cloud, and multi-premises architecture through a unified single pane of glass approach.

It's About Applications – It’s About IT “Everywhere” – It's About Management – It’s About Simplifying “Security”.
How to See IT differently

  • Monitor the health and availability of your commercial, SaaS-delivered, and custom web applications, improve the performance of your databases, and recognise that they’re all delivering expected levels of service.
  • Secure your IT environment with access rights management, security event management, server change monitoring, and patch management.
  • Monitor the performance of your infrastructure across your servers, containers, storage, and network infrastructure across hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments.
  • Provide end-to-end management of people, processes, and technology with IT Service Management solutions that are both easy to use and smart.

It's About IT “Everywhere”

Whether physical, virtualized or private cloud, organisations typically end up using IT Operations Management solutions from multiple vendors to deliver their on-premises compute, network, and storage architectures. Then, they are verified with determining the best way to ensure it’s all working and performing optimally using ITOM software abilities that don’t integrate well with one another.

It's About Management

With the continuous evolution of technology, expanding IT environments, adoption of cloud resources, changes in staff, and more, organisations of any size can quickly find themselves in a state of inefficiency with off-track projects and rising costs.

Improve operational efficiency. Lead your digital transformation projects and day-to-day operations with our IT Service Management capabilities that IT pros have spent years perfecting and services through ticketing, change management, IT asset management, and more.

It's About Simplifying “Security”

Internal and external cyber threats are everywhere, but many organisations feel that they don’t have the technology or employee skills necessary to stay ahead of the threat landscape. Regulations like NESA and GDPR and industry standards like PCI DSS leave many puzzled as to what to do.

You can easily maintain a more secure and compliant operational environment, and all without necessarily having to set up a full-blown Security Operations Center (SOC). There are solutions to help with the correlation of logs and events, patching software, server change management, enable control and audit of access to critical resources and data, and more.

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