Network Visibility & Intelligence

Stop Managing Tools — and Start Securing Your Organization

Insight is a cloud-based network detection and response solution built for the rapid detection of threat activity, investigation of suspicious behavior, proactive hunting for potential risks, and directing a fast and effective response to active threats.

  • Focus teams on threats, not tools, with plug-n-play deployment, zero-maintenance, and an analyst focused interface designed by responders, for responders
  • Experience broad situational awareness across physical, virtual, and cloud networks
  • Prioritize what matters with high confidence detections prioritize and reduce mean-time-to-detection and response
  • Investigate in real time to quickly triage alerts and gather intelligence to direct efficient response activities

Why Gigamon ?

Gigamon Insight Empowers Security Teams

The Gigamon Insight solution, utilizing sensors deployed in cloud, physical or virtual infrastructures, provides the opportunity to consolidate capabilities and approach security in a new way.

The Insight sensors generate network metadata from on-premise or cloud-based environments and process it in the Gigamon Insight solution. The result, enriched multi-tenant data that’s centralized for rapid analysis and intelligent detections.


The Gigamon Detect application lets responders quickly identify and act with confidence on threats of the highest severity to help reduce mean-time-to-detection. The application features an entity-driven architecture with cross-lookup capabilities that provides the critical information responders need to act, including:

  • Quick identification of malicious activities
  • Whether an entity has previously generated an alert
  • Context into traffic type
  • Recommendations on next steps

The Gigamon Investigate application features data correlation and enrichment, and real-time search performance to help quickly understand the chain of events leading to an incident — significantly narrowing the window between identifying and remediating an event.

  • Quickly identify indicators of interest with the Entity Pane
  • Fully enriched, normalized, and searchable event data
  • Operationalized threat intelligence matching
  • Lower mean-time-to-response

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