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Threat Exposure Analytics in dubai

Today, Threat Exposure Analytics techniques make it possible to measure, quantify, and even predict risk with more certainty than ever before. It is a big deal for enterprises that have relied heavily on the opinions of leaders at the business unit level to monitor, assess, and report threats and prevailing risks.

Even for executives with sound intuition, it was virtually impossible to construct an enterprise-level view of risk spanning many different parts of the business. This is where analytics excels. It helps establish a baseline for measuring risk across the organisation by pulling together many strands of risk into one unified system and offering executives clarity in identifying, viewing, understanding, and managing risks.

Taking a unified approach through Threat Exposure Analytics is a key component of becoming what we call an Enterprise Threat Exposure Management — one in which boards and executives integrate risk considerations into strategic decision-making, and where business units and functions incorporate risk intelligence into the many actions they take.


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Threat Exposure Analytics helps take the guesswork out of managing risk-related issues by using a range of techniques and technologies to extrapolate insights, calculate likely scenarios, and predict future events.

Understand the complexity
An organisation’s exposure to threats is influenced by increasing volumes of structured data—such as databases—and unstructured data—such as websites, social media, and blogs—that are available to an organisation internally and externally. Threat Exposure Analytics can be leveraged to integrate this data into a single, unified view, gather valuable information, and enable actionable insights.

Cross the divide
In their scramble to build effective risk strategies, teams often fail to consider the overall impact to the organisation. Threat Exposure Analytics pulls data across the organisation into one central platform, helping create a truly enterprise-wide approach.

Lay the groundwork
Risk is such a wide-ranging issue, spilling across organisational barriers, that it can be hard to know exactly what to do with risk-related insights. Threat Exposure Analytics is instrumental in this scenario, allowing organisations to develop foresight with respect to potential risks and zero in on “crunchy” questions that lay the groundwork for action.

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