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Quantum Key Distribution is a technology which uses the principles of quantum physics to secure distribution of symmetric keys. It works on sending photons over the optical fiber in light. When an eavesdropper tries to observe the photons will indeed be detected and also alerts the communication parties so they can abort the session and start over a new one.

QKD Benefits

Purely random:
QKD delivers key which has 100% entropy (measure of randomness) which makes the key unpredictable. The key generation is not dependent on any mathematical complexity.

Key and data on separate channels
Encrypted data is sent in classical channel and key is generated on quantum channel. This helps in concentrating on securing the key.

Intrusion detection
Any eavesdropping on quantum channel is detected and key generated in dropped. Key data in quantum state is fragile, hence any disturbance is detectable.

Data cannot be copied
Key or key related data cannot be copied as it is quantum state. Quantum state cannot be copied, and once quantum state is read, it cannot be re-created.

No possibility of backdoor
Key is generated on-demand, which means key or key related data is not stored in QKD. As the key is generated from quantum principles and not from any pre-determined algorithm, no one can have backdoor control on key generation.

Disruption without disruption
QKD provides disruption in data security without disruption in infrastructure. The crypto infrastructure in made quantum-ready by integration QKD with present devices. This happens in matter of hours.

Symmetric key generation
Same Keys are generated symmetrically on both the sides at same time. There is no key related data flowing between the parties after the key is generated.

Perfect end-to-end encryption
QKD provides perfect end-to-end encryption without leaking any key information and because key data is not stored

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