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Our solutions are aimed at enhancing and securing the key sectors that underpin a safe and non-compromisable enterprise and government in all sectors: leadership, military & national defence, intelligence services, civil government, financial services (banking, payment systems, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, wallets & exchanges), transportation (air, maritime, public), energy sector, aerospace, and critical telecommunications sector.

Helix SDK: The first end-to-end encryption solution that protects your data at rest, in transit and during use with five layers of encryption, and two layers of key exchange, providing dual Perfect/Future Forward Secrecy as well as dual Post-Quantum computing attacks resilience.

Auditing/Penetration Testing: As part of our holistic approach to cybersecurity, we provide cyber auditing & penetration testing services in order to identify the gaps in your network, cloud, communications, network appliances, wireless networks, laptops, desktops & mobile devices, website, backup and 3rd party applications and services. Once we scan your systems, we provide a comprehensive report and our recommendations for remediation.

Ransomware Auditing as a Service (RaaS): Ransomware attacks have skyrocketed in the past year and currently represents the biggest threat to the data of government agencies, military, intelligence agencies as well as private enterprises. BLAKFX developed the first in the world Ransomware Auditing as a Service (RaaS) platform which allows our cybersecurity engineers to scan your network and simulate real-world ransomware attacks to determine the test for prevention, detection and mitigation strategies of your organisation and establish how resilient your network is to real ransomware attacks. After the scan, we provide a comprehensive report and our recommendations for remediation.

MSS & Insider Threat Prevention: BLAKFX has a national security level Secure Operations Center that can monitor your network (via our Managed Security Service) for threats and vulnerabilities as well as your employees via Threat Behavioral Analysis techniques in order to stop threats (including insider threats) before they become a problem for your network, data and organisation.

TSCM: Many organisations and government agencies are aware of the threats posed by hacking surveillance and data theft but are not aware that Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and Electronic Security are essential components of overall risk mitigation. BLAKFX’s access to the most sophisticated equipment, military and intelligence community level RF frequencies monitoring expertise is unique in the world.

Physical Security: Part of the BLAKFX’s overall holistic security protection are also physical security services and designs for your buildings, data centres, cloud providers, aeroplanes, vehicles and personnel security. We provide full physical security planning, insider threat detection and prevention, physical security audits, certification and security awareness training.

Pre-Crime, Data Fusion and Big-Data Analysis: A full range of capacity for big data analytics. Analyse billions of events, merge data from heterogeneous sources, reveal weak signals and understand the digital behaviour of a target are some of the numerous features of the Analytics Center. It’s composed of modules like Analytics, Profile, Relational and Predictive.

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