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Employee Powered Information Security

“91% of all Cyber Attacks start with Phishing” – Gartner. Just one cyber aware employee can protect the entire organisation.

An automated platform to manage people-powered cybersecurity.

Gamified Learning Approach

The platform uses gamification principles to transform the learning experience into an interactive game rather than drab lessons.

Real-Time People-Powered Security

Employees report and the platform remediates in real-time. Automated, semi-automated and manual remediation options. Empowering Employees is not just training, it provides real-time security.

Unique Teachable Moments

Gamification techniques enable the platform to attract the users’ undivided attention to contextual learning. User retention is the highest in such moments.

Cyber Resilience for the Human Layer

  • Phishing simulation & awareness training – for employees and consumers. Do it at scale
  • Per-user based profiling and reporting
  • Phishing reporter button for all major platforms including G-suite, Office 365, etc.
  • Real-time remediation throughout your organisation. Quarantine or delete. You choose!
  • Automatic anonymous sharing of global zero-day phishing attacks

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