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The laws of quantum physics stipulate that any attempt to observe or copy the quantum keys will cause perturbations in the key alerting both the sender and receiver of an intrusion.

Our products are solutions that are built on the principles of quantum physics but are designed based on a deep understanding of our customers, existing network and security infrastructure and proving a seamless and hassle-free transition to quantum-safe solutions.

Why Quantum?

Tropos – Quantum Random Number Generator

Quantum physics, unlike classical physics, is inherently random. Our Quantum Random Number Generator, Tropos, uses the principles of quantum mechanics to generate truly random numbers. Tropos forms the heart of several of our products delivering true randomness as it has never been possible before.

Random numbers are needed for various applications like lotteries, one-time-pad, and key generation in cryptography. Conventional computers cannot generate true randomness. To guarantee true randomness, random number generators must not be vulnerable to either prediction or any bias.

EaaS – Entropy as a Service

Quantum Physics based Random Number Generator. Not Limited by initial seed numbers. Truly Random. Both high entropy and high throughput. Impregnable to Quantum Computers. Stay tuned for more.

Armos – Quantum Key Distribution

Armos uses Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to provide unconditional protection to data while it is at its most vulnerable – in motion. Using the principles of quantum physics, Armos secures the distribution of symmetric encryption keys.

Armos works by quantum encoding single photons of light that are sent through a dedicated fibre optical channel. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle ensures that any attempt to eavesdrop on these quantum keys causes a perturbation in their quantum state that can be detected. Any product changes detected in the quantum state of the keys leads Armos to set off an alert and give an accurate on-time report about the location of the intrusion. Armos destroys any compromised keys and generates new ones, thus preventing attacks even before they begin. Only when the quantum encoded photons are verified at both the ends of the system are the keys generated. These quantum keys are then used to encrypt and decrypt data that is sent on classical channels. Since the keys are unclonable, the data – even if cloned – remains unconditionally safe.

Hodos – Quantum Secure Platform

Powered by Tropos and Armos, the quantum secure platform, Hodos provides key management and application layer for the users to plug and play. Hodos is designed to integrate with existing infrastructure and give you a higher security poster instantly.

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