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How SafeBreach Works

The SafeBreach platform safely executes real attacks in production environments to prove where security can withstand attacks, and where it needs to be improved.

The SafeBreach Platform

The SafeBreach platform carries out continuous, automated testing of an organisation’s security architecture using advanced, patented simulation technology. SafeBreach attack simulations are exact reproductions of an attacker’s tactics and techniques but pose no risk to the organisation’s operations or assets. Attacks are executed between simulator instances deployed both within and outside the organisation’s network. This approach provides broad coverage and fully tests the entire security ecosystem deployed by your organisation.

SafeBreach delivers full visibility into the ever-changing dynamic of what needs to be protected and the efficacy of the policies and procedures deployed to protect these valuable business assets. As soon as security gaps are identified, your organisation can prioritize remediation activities and mitigate based on actionable recommendations.

Automated Continuous Breach and Attack Simulation

Thanks to the continuous nature of the SafeBreach platform, attacks are run automatically and at scale. Likewise, findings are constantly updated, and easily filtered to ensure effective remediation and prove security value over time. SafeBreach provides your security teams with the data they need to:

  • Validate your overall security investment
  • Focus on the most critical issues proven to minimise risk
  • Minimise exposure to thousands of attacks

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