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Detect the Stealthiest Cyber-Attacks

Deception technology is a revolutionary new way to detect the stealthiest cyber-attacks. It arms you with an arsenal of digital tripwires to turn the tables on even the most advanced hackers.

Smokescreen: IllusionBLACK

Stop Advanced Cyber Threats With Deception Technology

By deploying hundreds of unique deception tripwires, IllusionBLACK maximises attack detection through the kill-chain, even against stealthy, targeted campaigns that don’t involve malware.

IllusionBLACK features rapid out-of-band deployment, no performance impact, enterprise scalability, and minimal false positives, leading to faster breach detection and improved security and incident response team productivity.

From targeted threat intelligence of an impending attack to detecting lateral movement in every single subnet, Smokescreen’s deception technology helps turn the tables on apex attackers.

IllusionBLACK: Industry’s Most Advanced Deception Technology

Full Kill-Chain Coverage

IllusionBLACK decoys detect pre-attack reconnaissance, spear-phishing attacks, privilege escalation, lateral movement and data theft.

Deep Network Visibility

Instantly deploy 100’s of individually unique, customisable traps across all your endpoints and in every single subnet of your network.

Attack Vector Agnostic

Deception does not rely on static signatures or heuristics to identify attacks, so it stays effective no matter what the bad guys try tomorrow.

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